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My Week in Review

Today my soul feasted on the Word. My work schedule has finally changed so that I may attend Sunday services. I have the blessing of being part of a church whose sermons are available online. I have enjoyed the sermons and yet, being part of a corporate worship service is somehow more edifying and, I suspect, more glorifying to our God since He has instructed us to worship corporately.

I used to think that I could be a 'Lone Ranger' type of Christian. That sinful thought was born of equal parts ignorance and arrogance. Now I think that just as there is no salvation outside of conversion, there is no place for ignorance and arrogance in a believer's life. We cannot know everything but we can know something new, wonderful and true about our God every day.

The week has been fraught with turmoil. I can opine at length about the situation our economy is in. I can say without equivocation that I think Paulson should resign or be removed from his position of Treasury Secretary. …

The LONG Awaited Post

Not having days off for two weeks coupled with having terrible allergies has made it difficult for me to catch up on things I have to do as well as those things I just want to do. Last night, miserable with allergies, I took a 24 hour Zyrtech. It worked well, I think. I am not sure that sleeping 12 of the 24 hours makes it worth taking the medication but while I slept, I wasn't bothered my allergy symptoms. I did, however, miss church because I couldn't justify driving with a medication fogged brain. I won't be taking the 24 hour variety again.

Did I say drugs? (How's that for segueing?) Perhaps because I am wondering... is our entire culture medicated out of their minds or is it just those who profess to be Christians? I am asking because it doesn't appear that anyone is paying attention to what is going on here. I am reminded of that bumper sticker that says "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." One of the reasons I put the…

Talk Like A Pirate Day

My youngest, being related to me and, therefore, somewhat crazy, sent me this picture of my grandson for "Talk Like a Pirate Day." If I get a picture of him wearing or carrying a towel with him in May, I'll know for certain she's the best darn mother on the planet!! For those of you wondering what has become of me. I'll write soon, Lord willing, thanks for checking on me. Work is good for paychecks but so gets in the way of stuff you'd rather be doing.

Intelligent Observations.... on Television??

It's been a while since my last article and I am feeling kind of twitchy about a lot of things. I really have missed the opportunity to let the things percolating in my brain have a chance to spill out into my blog and as a result I feel sort of toxic. I mean, I could probably die from holding my opinions in for too long, you know? I considered writing about my recollections of 9/11 and I still may. I also thought I might ease on back into things and then I saw something that caught my attention and I thought, "Oh yeah, that's hitting the blog."

Fair warning, if you are offended by the occasional swear word, don't play the video below. There's nothing worse than what you would find in a PG13 movie or on television. In fact, it is from television. It is Craig Ferguson's monologue from his late night program. And, though I might have left the one or two expletives out knowing that my pastor reads my blog, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Speaking of…

Loose Ends and Stuff

A little over a month ago I posted an article about squash bugs and how the little bugs were taking over my garden and decimating my squash crop. It is with great sadness and frustration that I tell you the score is 45-0 and the squash bugs win. It's enough to make me want to go back to California where the bugs have better sense and either give up or succumb to WMD. Normally I would be complaining about having too much squash and I have only received a meal or two out of my garden.

Now if I am going to be fair about this I need to also say that finding myself gainfully employed meant I had a sudden deficit in my available time to be out there picking the blasted things off my plants. I don't think it would have mattered. They seem to have an amazing ability to reproduce themselves and apparently made whoopie in every shelter and on every curbit leaf in my garden. Not only did they take out my squash but my normally prolific lemon cucumbers were annihilated as well (the cu…

Choices come with Consequences

It wasn't long after my post on my character flaws that God decided to show me something else about them. He decided to let me work through an issue where the laziness of someone before me had caused not only a large amount of work that needed to be done, but some unnecessary out of pocket expenses were paid by a customer. The customer will be refunded and so it seems to be a "no harm, no foul" experience. Appearances are deceiving.

The company I work for paid for an hour of my productivity because someone was forgetful and missed a step that actually only takes less than 10 seconds to complete. The customer in question lives paycheck to paycheck and cares for her parents and her disabled brother. It's all well and good that eventually her money will be returned to her, but when you live hand to mouth waiting for accounting to cut a check can mean the difference between having lights that come on when you flip the switch and having food on the table to feed your …