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My past is my kryptonite.

This journey forward has been bogged down by the muck and mire of my beginnings.  I may not have started the mess, but I deepened the ruts. I hitched my wagon and followed the path of least resistance.

I brought it with me. I have tracked the filth into each relationship. I sullied the potential, smudged all of the possibilities and then cast aside probabilities as tarnished.  Me. I did that.

I said I believed I was a new creation and then feared the same old stuff in the same old way that the old me feared.  I react to the new with the poison of the old. Fear. Fear is the venom inside me killing my hope.

Forgetting what lies behind.... only when I am not frightened.
Claiming my identity in Christ... and then reciting the mantras of my past making my history my god.

As a believer, I am more than the sum of my past.
I am the recipient of a future hope.
No ruts, no filth, no mire.
The Gospel trumps everything.

My past is my kryptonite.
What's  yours?