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Who's In Your Blog?

OK, in my last post I rambled on (among other things) about receiving a letter from Capital One changing the terms of my credit agreement. Imagine my surprise I when I received a comment from someone purporting to be a customer service representative with Capital One. Here's the link if you're interested. When I read the comment I laughed and said... "Boy, I am in the big time now. Capital One has folks commenting on my blog." Now, none of us really know for certain that this is a person who works for Capital One in any capacity. It could be a really good prank or someone phishing for information. I just know that I am not clicking any links or trying to contact anyone with the email address that was provided. I read the comment shortly before having to jet to work.... that would be an idiom meaning I was running late and had to drive quickly and directly, not that I am accepting bail out money like some companies who are using tax payer dollars to fly in corporate

Bail Me Out, Please.

It's been a very long time since I have written anything of substance. Some may argue that I've never written something of substance in the first place. That would put me in the company of many who have blogs. I have thought about several topics I would like to sound off about. Most of what I would have to say is either sarcastic or humorous only to those few who have a really twisted sense of humor. Examples? Newsflash! President Obama is black . Yeah, I know it's not politically correct to say this, but I am sick to death of his being a black man being pointed out. I want to say things like, "If the object is equality despite race, ethnicity or creed.... why do you keep telling me the man's race?!" I also want to say, "I understand that the man is black, do you understand what his politics are going to do to this nation?" That's the part I am interested in, not his skin color. I got a letter in the mail from Capital One. They decided t