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History Lessons

My computer has crashed. I am using a 9 year old lap top that does get the job done, but I have difficulty typing on it for any length of time. I have almost got it set up to where I can use it and not want to have my hands fall off. I have so many little gadgets hooked into it, it looks like something from a science fiction novel. Or stranger still like I might be a super geek. Nothing could be further from the truth. This computer is so old it has a disc drive and I didn't even understand how to use that!

Not being on the computer has been good for me. It's given me time to be pensive and reflect about the things in my life that are bugging me. Things that are hard to articulate. I think it centers on my mortality. We have such a brief time. We are less than a blip on the radar and we're gone before anyone realizes we were here.

My sister has been dead for 19 years. That's nearly two decades. I remember parts of her so vividly and parts of her escape me c…