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Total Eclipse at the Start

I've spent a good deal of my life thinking that morning people were just a little daft. Why would anyone enjoy getting up early? Certainly sleep was more desirable than any sunrise or quiet moment in a still home. Now I would have to concede that with a little maturity and gray hair comes a different perspective. Mornings are where it all happens. We've had some unusual autumn-like weather here in the Blue Grass and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons. One prominent enjoyment; cool, crisp air. Fall is when I open every door and window, even if doing so invites gale force winds to blow through my home. My dog hides under her sheepskin and the cat anchors herself inside the carpeted tunnel of her cat condo while I walk around barefoot and clothed for the beach. Last night temperatures dropped into the 50s. Ahh, bliss! I woke to the sound of baby birds singing and cool tranquility to greet me. It makes me happy. Instead of stumbling

San Francisco and Genuine Hippies

This morning I learned that Scott McKenzie died. I had no idea who Scott McKenzie was until the news played a sound bite from the song, "San Francisco." Suddenly I was in mourning for someone I cared so little about I never knew his name but I knew the song. That song was the anthem of my childhood. I grew up listening to it. I grew up believing that being a part of the "Generation of Love" meant I could change the world. San Francisco was that time period's Mecca for all things weird. Every self-gratifying desire was pronounced good. Self-restraint and conventional morals were an "Establishment idea to keep you down, man." I longed for the freedom they promised but I was too young to run away and join them. I had brief moments of freedom in San Francisco. I remember being on a field trip in Golden Gate park and a group of us making a chain of flowers out of the chamomile growing there. We placed it around the neck of a horse being ridden by a

MIB and Politics.

In the innumerable list of things I do not understand, one that stands out currently is the preoccupation with the amount of money made in private sector and taxes paid on that money by persons running for political office. If the IRS is happy with the contributions the candidate is making and the FBI and CIA are not coordinating efforts to take them down to face criminal charges, why are the citizens of these United States so concerned? Isn't making/having money part of the American Dream? Isn't that why so many people play the lottery? Visit casinos? Don't we all rejoice and even brag a bit when our CPA reduces our tax liabilities legally? Frankly, I find it puzzling and inconsistent that so many are piling on the bandwagon and chanting for Mitt Romney to make public his tax returns. Why should he? Why is it an issue? It's an issue because one of the other candidates, namely the democratic machinery that wants to re-elect President Obama, wants us to believe it

Fish Bone

Someone else is living my life. They aren't aware but my thoughts burn through their good fortune like the acid of bitterness burns through my soul Discontentment coveting the blessings of others mine are undeliverable address unknown but thanks for helping me hold my tongue congratulations! job well done! I'd be happy to! those sentiments stuck in my craw like a fish bone. Too tired to keep my eyes open or appearances up. I am not enjoying this. Just so you know. I think it sucks. But I am still smiling like I've I got good sense ...or good manners anyway.

Lessons From Thibodeaux

My dog, The Bodacious Miss Maria Consuelo Thibodeaux Jones, is equal parts abject fear and Polyanna optimism. She's sitting at my feet right now hoping to eat the crumbs from my table. I am devouring some chicken while I sit and type. Admittedly, she stands a good chance of walking away with a full belly as typing and chicken eating are not the best combination of things with which to hone your multi-tasking skills. She has been sitting quietly as I read my normal blogs and news feeds. She doesn't mind at all when I yell that the computer. Even when I pound my desk yell things like, "Aw, come on! Nobody is that stupid!" she pretends not to notice. However, don't take a load of clothes out of the dryer or hold some mail in your hand and expect her to get within 10 feet of you. Before you ask, no she was never beaten with clean clothes and I have never tortured her with mail. She's just goofy. She has her idiosyncratic behaviors and for the most part they

A Temanite, a Shuhite and a Naamathite Walked into a Crisis

I am re-calibrating my life. I have taken a long look at some of my presuppositions and expectations, sorted through them and have discarded a few while carefully embracing others. One of the the assumptions I have corrected is my need for and willingness to be connected to people. My conclusion? Having people around is inevitable and sometimes enjoyable but I don't need it. I used to think I was fairly social. I used to think that friendships and relationships were a necessity for my sanity. I couldn't have been more wrong. People make me crazy. Recently I have been going through "it" and "it" has been kicking my tookus. The culmination of life events and health problems have rendered me unable to cope. I am the one people come to for advice and encouragement. When I confessed to not being OK I became the pariah. People scattered from me like cockroaches run from the light. I e xperimented with vulnerability and experienced a failure of biblic

Adam Smith's Apology to Rachel

In what has to be one of the most self-serving apologies I have heard in a long time, Adam Smith, apologizes to Rachel, the Chick-Fil-A employee he badgered and berated. You have to be living under a rock to not to know what I am talking about and I envy you that. This whole kerfuffle over Dan Cathy answering a question that was put to him has done nothing if not expose the ignorance of the general American populace and reinforce the veracity of the doctrine of Total Depravity. Here you can find a video of Mr. Smith's behavior and a statement about him losing his job. And then you can watch his apology video. Ready? Here goes. I have no doubt that given the amount of negative attention Mr. Smith has received, it has become clear to him that he was wrong. In fact, I think he was so struck by Rachel's grace and composure that he felt compelled to try and make her feel better, hence the "nice guy" comment. I also think he realized his efforts at championing th

Ludicrous Speed

In my daily quest to sift through the dirt that passes for journalism these days, I stumbled upon this video , in which Charles Krauthammer argues that Mitt Romney did not flub his comments while on his overseas trip. Of course team Obama disagrees and wants to give us stop action and play by play commentary on what they consider gaffes of near biblical proportion. OK, perhaps I am exaggerating a tiny bit, but isn't that what we all do when we want to make a point? (If you're unfamiliar with the situation you can read about it here .) To be fair, team Romney is going to do the same while critiquing President Obama. It is a tit for tat, "Oh yeah? Take that!" world we live in. I am a fairly pensive woman. Recently I have been ruminating about how flawed we are at communicating. Look at what happened in Eden. Satan asked a simple question, Eve embellished her answer and the Fall resulted. I have noticed and how easily people, including yours truly, exaggerate and