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Highway to Hell

My life is in need more than new material by Aaron Sorkin. I wish that a little cleverness and some great one-liners could make the sort of difference that might matter in my life. Imagine if sarcasm and wry humor could cure what ails me! I am really good at sarcasm. I know it's not that easy. I delude myself into thinking that there is some quick fix available for me if only I had the money to buy it or the ingenuity to create it. Perhaps what I need is the right person to care enough about me or the right doctor to prescribe the chemical balancing medication. While I am wishing, why not a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and fix me or a lover to hold my hand in just the right manner. . . Anything but getting off my well cushioned backside and disciplining myself to change- especially if that discipline involves confessing that I am hopelessly unable and begging God to change me. I know it's the only efficacious way to change but I just can't want to do it.

I am wa…

An Open Letter to Aaron Sorkin

Mr. Sorkin,

Please. Return to writing television programs. I am stuck at home with an injured neck and back and my activity level has been severely limited. I find myself sitting on my couch watching entirely too much television. Bad television. The highlight of my day? Watching reruns of The West Wing on Bravo. I need you to return to writing programs where the viewer is required a modicum of intelligence. I am on prescribed medications that render me sleepy and unable to operate heavy machinery, not stupid. Rescue me. Please.

I repent for all the times I referred to West Wing as "The Left Wing." I apologize for every time I groaned at hearing the same lines in The West Wing that were used in the movie, The American President. I am truly sorry for using your name in vain when Studio 60 was canceled. It was a knee jerk reaction and not your fault. I know that now. However, as much as I regret my prior behavior, it is only fair to warn you that I cannot be placa…