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Crumbling Rosemarie

I am nothing if not a broken woman. I sit here at my computer wondering where the tipping point was. I am more than off balance, I am smashed to bits. Somewhere back there I should have emphatically said, "No" or its opposite, depending on the situation. Whichever case it was, I missed it. Completely.  There is nothing left to do but take the red pill. Reality.  How did reality ever become so convoluted? It can be so difficult to work out what is true and what is perceived as true. They are not the same thing. Perception is not reality- it just behaves that way.  Multiple views of the same landscape render different results. I thought I was standing up for myself for the first time in years, sure wish I had remembered to serve that with some grace and humility. I am leading a group of women through the book of Philippians aided by a workbook entitled, "Joy! A Bible  Study on Philippians," by Keri Folmar.   If you're not up to being humbled, I wouldn't