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Sigh. Sanctification.

Sometimes the world gets the best of me and by that I don't mean the world wins.  I mean the things I like best about myself are offered to the world while the church gets the plastic me; the retouched by extreme holiness and grace me, the "other" me.  What I can't work out is why.

Am I concerned about what the church thinks about me? Do I fine tune the facade in an effort to fit in? Perhaps it's just the opposite. Perhaps I show you the parts of me that I am willing to discard, the parts that if they are damaged won't bother me. You know, like scratch paper for you church people to doodle on while keeping the good stuff pristine for myself.

I am not all that safe. Maybe I am protecting you? You're not all that safe. Perhaps I am afraid of you?  Or maybe... just maybe the things I like best about myself have no business in the church?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sigh.  Sanctification.