27 October 2007

Deciding to Blog.....again.....

I have decided to blog again. Why? Because I don't do anything else. This isn't the first time I have decided to blog. If you have stumbled on this website, don't worry. I will soon lose the desire and discipline to continue at this. It takes work and discipline. Discipline... the dreaded "D" word. Perhaps that will be a topic I will tackle in a post. It's more likely that I will think about it and not actually do anything. I seldom do things I think about doing. Even good things.

How do I spend my time? I read blogs. There are several that I really enjoy reading. There are some that I read with a little fear and trepidation, some that make me wonder why I bother and still others that make me think "I should blog." Why though? Nobody has read my blogs even when I did write them. OK, nobody may be over stating things. Very few people have read my blogs. Why should they? I haven't written a book. I am no one of import, I do not have a radio show or podcast. The only thing that makes me qualified to blog is the fact that I have an opinion. Should that be enough?

I have an opinions on lots of things but just now I am focusing on blogs. Blogging is a great hobby. I think it is a great way to keep in touch with family members and friends. Blogs can be a friendly, fun and interesting way to grow and learn. I think it can be a good way to work out your ideas and reveal your presuppositions, preferences and personality. It is a great place to have your ideas ripped to shreds, your moral turpitude exposed, your fragile ego shattered and your parentage questioned. Blogging is not for the faint of heart.

Why read blogs? I read blogs as a way to identify people who think similarly to me...or so I would like to think. Generally I read the blogs of people who are way smarter, way better read and far more disciplined than I am. They have the original ideas, I read them and then quietly synthesize what they have to say. My favorite bloggers are those who make their passions known. They don't so much care about what the reader thinks about them (the blogger) as they care that the reader understands the subject. In that blogging genre, I really enjoy those allowing comments. I especially enjoy it when the blogger responds to questions and comments of those readers with a differing opinion. Adding a little pressure by a well worded question or crafting a respectful retort is an art. Good writing is an art and we need more word artists.

So, why do people blog? I think blogging helps to satisfy the urge we have to make something we know known to others. It satisfies the teacher in some, the philosopher in others and the megalomaniacal tendencies of a few. For some, blogs are a way to let people know them. Others blog about their passions. Me? Well, so far it beats talking to myself.

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KP said...

Welcome back, Ro. :-)