05 February 2008

God's Sovereignty Trumps Super Fat Supercell Super Tuesday

Mardi Gras. People going wild in the streets of Venice, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and other cities all over the world. They celebrate and over indulge because Ash Wednesday means fasting. Or it used to.

Supercell... that's what they call it when radar detects a thunderstorm that is the largest most intense type of thunderstorm... the kind that generates tornadic activity.

Super Tuesday is ending and all I know is that candidates are jockeying for position still. Each one has a spin on how they did and why they are the best and why voting for them is the right thing to do.

God's Sovereignty, that's what I rest in. Not an atom moves that God doesn't bid it, "move this way." Let the world go crazy and dance in the streets, let the wind blow where God leads it and let this nation be glad that God puts leaders in positions of power. That sure takes the worry out of my life. Like Job, if I perish, I perish.

Ah! Sweet Freedom when it is well with your soul!

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