02 February 2008

random self discovery

It's 57 degrees today and the sun is out. The sky is bright blue and you know what my heart longs for? You got it. Snow. I long for a day of snowfall with accumulation. I want to sit in my warm and cozy home with my doggie in my lap and read while watching snow gently falling outside my windows. The silence of a snow fall, a cup of hot cocoa and a good book- the Good Book- ahh!

Yesterday it was cold and gray and no snow fell. I was disappointed. Mind you, this is coming from the same woman who complains about the cold.

I am, it appears, a malcontent.


Perfectly His said...

Will it make you feel better to know I'm in the same predicament? lol...i used to live in the north and had snow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's been about 6 yrs and i wish i just had a little to touch and admire....

at least we can always have hot cocoa :)

marty said...

We are rarely satisfied for very long...contrary creatures we are:-)