07 March 2008

Happiness is Being in the Right Church

I know I am in the right church.
Want to know how I know?

---I am growing from equal parts of conviction and encouragement.
--- I miss the teaching as much as the people when I cannot attend.
---My pastor reads my blog- so I know I have accountability.
---My countenance is quieter though my trials are not fewer.


Grace Baptist Church, Somerset, KY said...

Hey, Rosemarie, we missed you today. Attendance was down due to ice and snow, but we had great worship. I preached on "Basic Sanctification -- Practical Christianity" again from Phil 2:12-13.

Hope to see you soon.

Pastor Bill

Hobster said...

I envy you, truly envy you.

(in a totally non-violating the 10th commandment kind of way)

Sam's Family said...

You've been on my mind lately dear friend...glad to see..er, read that things are going well...enjoy the blog too