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Good Friday and Diamonds in the Dust

About two months ago I lost the diamond out of my ring. I was out with my sister and this was the second time we had gone out together and I had lost a stone from my ring. It wasn't a tiny chip that fell out. It was the 1.5 carat center stone. I was heartbroken in the sense that I liked the ring and could never afford to replace the stone, but that particular ring didn't have a single bit of sentimental value. It wasn't the one a prior love had given me or the stone from my grandmother's ring. It was just something I liked and so I let it go. I put the setting away and wondered if one of the loose stones I have inherited would fit in the setting or would it be something my kids find in my jewelry box after I am gone and wonder what happened. OK with the loss, I said "Thank you that it was just a rock, Lord."

I have learned to let a lot of things go. I have learned when you try to grab too tightly, your hands are closed to the possibilities of something else better being put in them. I have lost everything I owned in a flood and I survived it. I have walked away from fortune and never gone hungry. The Lord has given me an incredible life. I have seen and done things that would surprise you. If you saw me on the street you would pass me by without much thought at all. I am not one who employs false modesty. There is nothing special about me. I am a perfectly ordinary, overweight, woman whose hair is graying. It is the God I serve who is spectacular.

I woke up thinking it would be a beautiful day. I knew I wanted to spend some time reading and thinking about the significance of Good Friday. In order to motivate me to get my chores done, I started to anticipate sitting on my deck to pray and reflect on my salvation. In the afternoon the sun would be warm enough to enjoy spending my time there. First I had to go to my sister's home for some business. She is a CPA and this time of year is very hectic for her, so it was a quick visit for official reasons. She told me she had lots to tell me and that she was sensing God in a series of events but that she didn't have time to explain. She just wanted me to know.

As I was leaving she came out with me. My dog was with me and she had her three, all four were in her front yard romping and playing. Karen and I chatted a moment while the dogs enjoyed their play. We were talking about the weather and what torrential rains we had. Karen wanted to show me the new shoes she picked up for working outside. We were standing in front of her open garage so she ran to her back door and came up wearing some really fun garden clogs. They have wild flowers embossed on them. We laughed as she modeled them and then I started to load my dog in the car. Karen said again that she was sensing God was up to something, but she couldn't say more. I was about to comment about it being Good Friday when she kicked something with her foot and reached down. We both gasped as we realized Karen had kicked at a rock that turned out to be my diamond.

We both stood transfixed in the moment, trying to imagine the odds of finding the diamond after nearly two months of flooding rain and car traffic and dogs romping and people walking. She held out her hand and there it was, mud covered and dirty. For some reason I broke the silence with, "Karen, it's Good Friday." She nodded and smiled and said, "I know it is, thank you, God."

Now the ring will always have special significance. And I have even more to thank Him for as I sit on my deck. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this.


Rosemarie, great song by M. Card. Do you know the name of the lady singing with him?

Well, here we are on "dark Saturday" but as you said it helps to know the end of the story . . . see you tomorrow as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, to whom we are but "dulous"

Pastor Bill
rosemarie said…
I think it was Sara Groves, but YouTube had removed the video so I cannot be certain.
rosemarie said…
It's back and I am fairly certain it is Sara Groves. I have some of her music and enjoy it a great deal. I am happy to lend the cd's to you if you would like to listen to her.
She really has a beautiful voice. I would love to borrow the CD if you don't mind. BTW, did you know that Michael is going to be in concert at Southern Seminary in Louisville next Monday night. Sure wish I could be there. I was in a worship workshop with him last year in Campbellsville and it was really convicting, but good.

I missed you yesterday . . . we had a great time of worship at the Center.

Pastor Bill

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