16 March 2008

Profound Thoughts...... or not....

I have been searching for something profound to think about all day and I haven't had much success. I know there are many things worth thinking about, it's just that I can't seem to hang on to one today. Normally my brain is flooded with too many topics at once and I weed most of them out to find something to peruse. Today the garden of my mind lies fallow. Perhaps I have finally spun out and just don't know it? I am quite prone to information overload but if I am to be honest, I enjoy it.

I enjoy learning. If it weren't for the outrageous student loan balance I have already accumulated, I would return to school for yet another degree. It hardly matters to me what it would be, so long as it's not mathematics. Despite my quest for knowledge I am never tempted by math. I get the concepts, it's just those silly numbers that get in the way.

My mind tends to retain the bizarre and useless facts it encounters. Did you know they used Jello to change the "Horse of a Different Color" different colors in the movie The Wizard of Oz? I read that in third grade. I keep waiting for the moment that piece of information becomes valuable. No, the valuable stuff slides out of my brain. So, should knowing how they colored the horses in The Wizard of Oz be important you can rest assured I will forget how it was done. But for now, it was Jello and they had to hire people to hold the horses heads. Much to everyone's consternation, the horses licked the Jello off when they were left unattended.

Now.... where was I?........ perhaps I better just call it a day.

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