20 March 2008

More Opinions On Obama

The folks at Triablogue have a post worth reading on Barak Obama's speech. You can find it here. My posts are here and here. The more I think about Obama's speech the more I want to rail. Geraldine Ferraro may not have been politically correct in her statements regarding his candidacy, but she was right on the money. If Obama was not black, he would not be running for president as a serious candidate. Not now any way. Those people who have been grooming him for this political move were either too quick or they were willing to sacrifice him to test the waters.

It seems that there are a few black pundits who are willing to speak out and some of them agree with me. Shelby Steele has an article in the Wall Street Journal. Ken Blackwell has weighed in as well in a post on the Family Research Council. To be fair there are more speaking out that do not agree with me. Some are ardent Obama supporters and some are suspect of the motives of white people when it comes to politics. One blog I have perused is African American Political Pundit. There is a lot of information on his blog and those he links to. I have also found some blogs that are written by black reformed pastors or reformed pastors of multi-racial churches. You can find them here and here.

And lastly, my friend and former mentor of sorts, Keith, has a book recommended on his blog, you can find his post here. The book is The Decline of African American Theology. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more books until I have read the ones that are already here. That doesn't mean I can't recommend them, right? You can find the book here.

I am still praying for a venue in which solid believers- of every ethnic background- have a platform to discuss this situation biblically. I am saddened and resentful that my disagreement with Wright and Obama can be reduced by anyone as a black and white issue. It's a an issue of being right or being wrong.


The Rev. David Fischler said...

Rosemarie: Thanks for the link to The Reformed Pastor. I should note just for accuracy's sake that I'm not black, though I am Jewish, as well as a Christian pastor. I serve a multi-racial church, however, and praise God that it is.

rosemarie said...

I have corrected my post. I praise God for your church too and ask the Lord to build more of the same.

zancy said...

Obama believes that trade with foreign nations should strengthen the American economy and create more American jobs. There is a lot of information on this blog.