05 April 2008

Do-over Politics

So, just a few more thoughts on the race for the presidency. Obama was on The View last week and smoothed out a lot of wrinkles for people. One of the hosts, Sherri Shepard, who had previously been a Hillary supporter was swayed by his message and said she would campaign for him. The man is great at saying nothing in precisely the right way an emotions driven public wants to hear it.

Meanwhile on Good Morning America, Maya Angelou said she was supporting Hillary. Ms. Angelou was a prominent civil rights figure in the 60's and 70's and says she has been watching Hillary since she was the First Lady of Arkansas. Suddenly Kentucky's May primary is important. Bill and Chelsea are here stumping for Hillary.

Barak has already been here and made his mark. You can buy "Barak is my Homeboy" t-shirts with your city or county name on them. He also has a fan website titled, "Kentucky Gays for Obama. No, these are not attempts at redneck humor. These are the real deal.

Now, add to this mixture Senator Joe Lieberman, who was a Democrat when he ran on the ticket with Al Gore and was elected as an Independent Democrat to his current position, is now endorsing presumptive Republican nominee Senator John McCain for president. Not that they are stumping here. No need to show up when everyone looks the same.

Can we get a "do-over?"

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