23 April 2008

moved from pity party to prayer warrior with a phone call

I have been dog tired. I have been grumpy. I have been disinterested in the things of God, but I still like him much more than I like people. People. Bah! Why does God bother with us? Horrible things. Sinful things. Who needs them?

Ever notice when you're grumpy everyone wants to try your patience? My lawn service hasn't shown up in three weeks. Three weeks of growing bluegrass makes your property jungle-like. That's OK... I expect the wildlife are enjoying the added cover and camouflage. There's probably a T-Rex out there. He's probably hoping one of the dust buffalo in my home will come out and play. My house is a mess- the good fairy hasn't shown up to clean it and I am certainly not going to be productive. That would ruin my pity party. My car's check engine light went on... and once they fixed what caused that problem they told me about another one. My guts hurt. My whine is becoming perfected. And just when I am about to pitch a full on temper tantrum... something happens.

I've learned that my young nephew is losing his hearing and is having horrible headaches. He is profoundly deaf now. The doctor suspects there may be an inter-cranial mass and has no idea if the hearing loss will be permanent. Multiple tests have been ordered and I am waiting to hear about an outcome.

There's nothing like someone you love more than yourself being in pain or distress to make you snap out of your pity party, repent of your pride and arrogance and fall on your knees. Sweet Marcos. He is an exceptionally bright young man who is taking elementary school by storm. He is kind, he is loving, he has two frantic parents and he two little brothers who love him. I love him. Everyone loves him. He's easy to love. If you are a prayer warrior, I want you to love him too. Yeah, people are sinful... we're awful.. but this one is worth the bother. Not because he has something to offer God... but because he has something to offer us. I would trade places with him in a heartbeat if God allowed me to.

Psalm 116:5-6
5 Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; yes, our God is compassionate.
6 The LORD preserves the simple; I was brought low, and He saved me.

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