24 April 2008

Prayer and Holy 2 x 4's

My lawn was mown and jungle tamed today. I actually did some yard work and didn't get eaten by T-Rex. More importantly, I am better attitudinally. Why? Because people are praying for me. I tell myself they are praying for me because they are tired of hearing me complain about everything and they want God to shut me up. My inner monologue says some fairly mean things to me. It doesn't matter though. I gladly accept prayers to our God on my behalf.

I used to hate it when people told me they were praying for me. I hated it because that meant that God was going to do something in my life. He was going to take action and I was going to receive whatever it was whether I wanted it or not. I didn't mind so much when there was a catastrophe of some kind going on in my life. I would actually ask for prayer then... but when someone would randomly tell me they were praying for me, it unnerved me. Praying for someone exponentially increases their likelihood of being refined. If someone told me they were praying for me, it was the same as saying, "God is going to take away the things you like most." I am so grateful that God has extended me His grace and taught me differently. Prayer is a good thing.

My friend, Carla keeps a prayer journal. She's one of those Proverbs 31 women types, although she would probably try to deny it. She has a post on her blog on how to keep a prayer journal. We'll all know that God has done some major rewiring and refining in me when I start keeping a prayer journal. Not because I think it is a silly idea. I think it is a great idea. I just know I don't have the discipline required to keep a prayer journal. I can't discipline myself to make a grocery list. When I was young, I didn't need one and now that I do, I can't remember to write them. Or if I remember to write them, you can bet I can't remember to take them to the store with me when I go. Oh for the synapses of my youth! But... I digress.

I know about Carla's prayer journal because my name is in it. Carla is one of the people praying for me. She not only prays for me but checks in with me too. See? Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 collide to make a wonderful sister in Christ. I bet she is praying for my prayer life. Somebody is. I am being nudged by the Holy Spirit to get busy and pray. One of these days I will learn to respond to His nudging and not wait for the Holy 2 x 4 to get my attention.

John Piper has a series of sermons on prayer. I listened to Be Devoted to Prayer today and think that I will listen to it again tomorrow. He makes some excellent points if you have difficulty praying. Basically he says, "So what? Why should you be any different? Do it anyway. Fight to do. Work at it." That's the kind of straight shooting I need to hear. I better go listen again.

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Carla said...

{{{ rozie }}}

Reading your post made me smile, then it made my nose sting. We'll discuss that later in channel.

Yes, you are indeed in my journal.