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Things That Go Plop!

There are times in your life where you know that God has taken you by the scruff of the neck and left your feet dangling just above the earth. Sometimes He does it to keep you from running in front of a fast moving truck. Other times He does it to give you a "time out." He even grabs ahold of us to get us to focus. It's as if He is saying "Whoa! Nice shooting, Tex..... but the target is over here!" It can pinch a bit when the Almighty grabs you, but occasionally He does it to lift you up and show you something.

The last two days have been so full of blessing that I can scarcely believe it. I have whined and prayed and blogged about not having something to do. I have asked God to give me something to be passionate about. For nearly three years I have done my best to open some doors. I realize most folks would like to be retired, but I am not ready for it. I finally gave up and said "God if you want me to do something, you need to plop it in my lap." Yesterday He plopped a huge blessing in my lap, started my passion engine and changed the lights from red to green.

I have periodically done some college and career counseling with some of the local young people. I have experience as a career counselor and I thought I would use it. I have an appointment with a young man tomorrow. There is a program I use that I am familiar with from my work in California. I have kept a private license and, although the program was geared for California students, it had some aspects that have been helpful. In preparation for this young man, I wanted to make certain my subscription was current. It wasn't so I had to renew. Once I was able to get access, I saw that the program has expanded and is now something a Kentucky student would benefit from completely. I called them to see what a multi-user license would be... and it was more than I could afford.

Yesterday at a women's bible study potluck, I was asked to tell the women what I do for the students. She had heard me speak to students and parent several months ago. I gave the ladies an idea and mentioned that I was considering a multi-user license. After the pot-luck, one of the women took me aside and said, "There is a need, you have the skills, I want to purchase the license for you." I was completely blown away. The woman wants to be anonymous and I want to respect that. God bless the anonymous saints that get so much accomplished.

A little while after returning home I was called by the local Christian school principal. I had met with him two years ago. One of the women at the pot-luck called him and told him about me. He remembered our conversation. He called and asked me a bit about it. I had to tell him that I hadn't made the licensing arrangements and would call him once that was in place.

Today I called the organization and ended up talking to the same woman I called the day before. I said, "Hi, this is Rosemarie, the woman from Kentucky who called you yesterday." To my surprise she said, "Rose- I was just trying to get in touch with you. I talked to my director and told her what you were doing there in Kentucky. We want to offer you a significant reduction on the license for a year." She told me the number and I was stunned. I just about screamed, "I'm in! I'll take it!" And then she said, "We have a mutual connection with the 'Man Upstairs.'" Normally, that term would make me cringe... but coming from a professional while working at a public business in California, I knew she was treading on dangerous ground for mentioning Him at all. I was under no such constraints. "Praise God! He is totally blowing me away!" With that tears of gratitude leaked out all over my face. She quickly said, "Don't cry! Just give testimony! Tell them Sunday that He has done this for you and for the students. We know what you're trying to do and we support it. He supports it. "

I have a call in to the principal and hopefully I will be able to help the high school students there. I am completely in awe of His timing and His ability to move what seems immovable. I have no idea what this is going to end up looking like. I do know that God will receive the glory. Pray for my direction on how to serve and use these resources and to keep me focused on glorifying God.


Hobster said…
Fantastic. Utterly fantastic. :)
Carla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carla said…
I'll see hobster's utterly fantastic and raise it to a "incredibly wonderful!"

This is THE best news. :-)

{{{ rozie }}}
Hobster said…
okay, we get it that this turn of events has left you speechless.

Get back to blogging!


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