22 May 2008

Mixed Bag

I am exhausted. I got so little sleep last night. I don't trust myself to take on a topic... so here are some observations. I saw senator John McCain on Ellen Degeneres' talk show. Ellen was kind and complimentary toward the senator while they discussed what she called the elephant in the room. They had a respectful disagreement regarding California's recent reversal on gay marriage. Ellen made an argument that equated not allowing gay marriage to saying "you can sit here, but not here." The intimation of course being the horrible way our country treated people of color is comparable to not recognizing same sex marriage. That argument isn't valid of course because marriage is a covenant before God.. but I have to give her credit for articulating her objections respectfully. Senator McCain was equally pleasant while holding his ground...but never quite articulating why. It's going to be an interesting election. I'd say we were doomed but as a Christian, I always have hope.

Chaos is happening in my family. Ah.. it feels so.... normal.

I watched the movie Juno. I hated the way I loved it. It was everything wrong and everything right all at once. I liked Allison Janney's character or maybe I just like Allison Janney. I miss West Wing where she played C J Craig. Yeah, I know... West Wing could have been called Left Wing. I liked the characters, I liked the topics....even when they made me cringe... I like Aaron Sorkin's writing. I loved Studio 60 and they took it off the air. They did that to a lot of shows I liked, like The Nine. What's up with that?? I am currently hooked on programs that are not found on ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC. Have you seen "I Survived" .... it is riveting.

Speaking of riveting.... I will leave you with this... and await your responses.

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