05 May 2008

Random Catsup

Ketchup, Catsup... which way did you learn to spell it? I grew up with catsup and it was a real treat when I was able to use some. My father had a thing about control. One of the many strange things he controlled was my use of catsup. I was not allowed to read comic books nor sleep with pillows. All this is beside the point. What I am trying to do is catch up on some blogging and thought the title 'random catsup' was fun even though most folks don't know catsup, they know ketchup.

I have had some topics bubbling around in my brain. So, there is no theme or reason to this. It's just stuff that I need to type to get it out of my head.

I watch 'This Week with George Stephanopolous' on Sunday mornings as I get ready to go to church. This week he had Senator Hillary Clinton on in a town hall type of discussion. I am not a Clinton supporter. She's not completely wrong about all things, but wrong enough that she won't get my vote. However, I am ticked off about something that was done to her. During this question and answer period a young man stood up to ask a question. He was introduced by Stephanopolous with his first and last name given, his young age and the fact that he had just passed his Bar exam. The Senator offered her congratulations to him for his accomplishment. (Here comes the part that REALLY ticks me off.) He thanked her and proceeded to ask his question, starting with "Hillary, . . . "

Hillary?? Is that what all those years of schooling taught him? To address a United States Senator by their first name? I wanted to sit him down and put him through the Rosemarie school of etiquette. I don't care for the woman's politics but she is a senator. Would he have addressed senators McCain or Obama by their first names? I think not. Now, there is a high likelihood that he was a plant and known to the senator. He might even work for her. He'd be fired if he worked for me. Even if I were on a first name basis with a public official, they would be addressed formally in public setting. I used to coach my students to remember when going to interviews and making contacts that good manners are always associated with intelligence, ability and education. Mr 'I passed the Bar exam at 24' didn't pass my "I know how to act in public" test. Do people get taught proper salutations or etiquette any more?

This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of the #prosapologian minions. We were talking about patriotic songs sung in worship services. He has the opinion that worshiping God and being patriotic are to be separated. He and his family go to church to worship God, nothing else. I don't disagree with him. The conversation made me think a bit and I am still mulling things over. If the Star Spangled Banner was played at a football game, I would stand. I would stand if it was played at church, but I would discuss it with my pastor afterward. I was brought up to be respectful and polite and I worked for 11 years in a para-military organization. Many of these things are ingrained in me. I wish they were ingrained in others.

I had a garage sale. This was a cultural experience. I purposely put very reasonable price tags on items. I wanted to see if I could separate those who were looking for a bargaining experience and those who were looking for decent items reasonably price. I had great fun and learned something about myself. I had many collectibles for sale. I knew what they were and knew that I had under-priced them. I figured if someone wanted to scoop them up and take them to their shop or the flea market and spend their time reselling them, they could. I wanted them gone. If someone fell in love with an item they were likely to get it for next to nothing. If they wanted to dicker about something already reasonably priced, then I wouldn't budge on my price. If they were appreciative, they got lots of breaks.

One young woman came in and was looking for things to decorate her office. She beamed as she told me she had just finished her certification as a massage therapist. She had landed an office and she was going to work. She said all the right things and fell in love with something that would help her decorate. She got the $5.00 bargain of her life. Another woman saw my VCR with remote and asked me if it worked. I said it did. She said.... "It don't got the wire that hooks it up, will you take $2.00?" I turned around, grabbed the coaxial cable she was talking about and said, "There you go." Next she tilted up the VCR to get a look at the face. The remote slid off it and down onto the table. "It don't got no remote." I picked up and said, "Yes, it does. It just slid off when you lifted the front." She frowned. "I am not buying it for myself." I just smiled. She got the wire and the VCR for $5.00. She wasn't happy but I was. I ended up giving away more than I sold, but I am OK with that.

Most of the folks that came in were nice, they were talkative, they were grateful, they were looking for just how low I would price something. One man said "What's the lowest you'll do on this?" It was a depression glass jar and lid and it had a $5 price tag on it. I smiled and said. You know what it is, I know what it is. You know it is worth $50 to the right buyer. Give me $5 and be happy with that." He grinned sheepishly and said, "Yes ma'am."

My sister and brother-in-law went to the Kentucky Derby. This meant finding my sister just the right Derby outfit. Going to the Derby requires a hat. Getting Karen ready was the most fun - I think I enjoyed the process far more than I would have enjoyed the event. It's all about the hat you wear or what you can talk your sister into wearing.... She looked gorgeous. She told me she saw a woman wearing a pink flamingo on her head, another was wearing a lampshade. I hope she goes next year, armed with that information we can have all sorts of fun.

Spring is here and this girl is in the garden. Peas are up, onions are up, asparagus, tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, squash, beans... all are going in. With the price of gas up, the price of food is up and my garden needs to expand. I am sitting here eating Taco Bell as my final hurrah. I am going healthy. Veggies, whole grain and fish. Pray for me. I really want to be healthier.

I love my church, my pastor quoted the Institutes during his last sermon. I am so at home. At the book review/exchange one of the ladies I have come to appreciate a great deal took "Pursuit of Holiness" by Jerry Bridges from me. I can scarcely wait for her to read it so we can discuss it.

Oh... and finally... I heard Whoopi Goldberg rant about people who say they want to make a difference and keep us safe to get the high fructose corn syrup out of our food. It must be chilly in that theological place of eternal punishment. I am with Whoopi. I want the HFC55 out of my food. I will rant about that when I have time.

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