07 May 2008

Real Sportsmanship

Today my sister Karen and I were talking about things that make us cry. For all my 'cut to the chase and give me the bottom line, command presence- rock solid in an emergency' persona - I am easily brought to tears. My kids used to watch me instead of watching whatever movie we were watching and bet on when I would cry.

A favorite moment with my older sister, Laurie, happened while we watched Madame X, an old Lana Tuner and John Forsythe movie from the 60s. It was an overcast summer day. We were in our early 20s and both at home for the day. Our mom was out shopping and left to our own devices we got involved in watching old movies. Several hours later when Mom came home, she found the two of us, curled up with our arms around each other and sobbing, our mascara running in big streams of black down our faces. The sight might have alarmed anyone that didn't know us but our mom just laughed. Shortly after the movie was over, we had the swollen red eyes and stuffy noses that come with a good cry. Dad came home and took one look at us. "Have you guys been watching Old Yeller again?" Perish the thought. I cry at the thought of that movie.

Karen and I are still finding out about each other. In the 32 years were were separated, a lot happened to get caught up on. Karen was placed for adoption when she was born and were reunited 14 years ago. Karen asked me if I got through watching Syesha singing and crying on American Idol. Yup, I made it through that no problem. Then Karen told me about a girl playing softball in her senior year and hitting her once in a lifetime home run.... but she missed first base and when she turned to correct the problem, blew out her ACL. And well... you read the story, it's here. and let there be no doubt, I cried.

Sigh. If only we all did the right thing so easily. Well Done!!

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