13 May 2008

The Wizard of Odd....

I like Dr. Mehmet Oz. He has done some specials on health and nutrition that I find fascinating. I have, until now, thought he was brilliant. Actually, I still think he is brilliant, but confess I am re-evaluating that in light of what I saw today. He is a regular on Oprah and the only reason I will willingly watch Oprah is when he's on. Today, Oprah spoiled that for me.

I haven't always been anti-Oprah. I am not one of those Christians who only listens to other professing Christians. I appreciate intelligence and people who try to make a positive difference. I really enjoyed her at first. I liked that she left the seedy and scintillating stories of life at its basest depravity behind. I respected that she was trying to make a difference in the world with her benevolence. And then she got all pseudo-spiritual and upside down mystic on us and I lost all interest. The more she has focused her show on universalist metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, the more I pity her. For all the depth and realness she is trying to portray, for all the life giving wisdom she is trying to impart, she is little more than a celebrity Pez dispenser of bite sized, honey covered heresies. She is lost. All her money and all her kind intentions can't hide nor change that. Today she revealed just how over the edge she is. Her show was about past life regression and for some odd reason, Dr. Oz was a guest along with Dr. Weiss- a Harvard graduate and psychiatrist-who was the catalyst for the program. (Proving how little sense one needs for a degree from Harvard or to practice psychiatry.) Let me quote Dr. Weiss and whoever wrote this piece for Oprah:

Dr. Weiss says the most common question he's asked about past-life regression is if there is a presence of God in the process. "I find God everywhere in this," he says.

Think of the experience as an ice cube, Dr. Weiss says. Ice cubes are solid until they're melted by heat energy. They become water, but if you add more heat energy, that water will turn into steam. The same molecule—H2O—is still there, just in a different form.

Dr. Weiss says people are like ice cubes. "We're the solid part, the condensed part. We think we're separate from everybody else. We're not. If you heat us with love energy—not heat energy but love energy—we melt into a spiritual sea," he says. "And if you keep heating with love, you find God. God is the steam. God is beyond the steam—the organizing wisdom that's in every atom of our being."

In the end, we're not so separate, Dr. Weiss says. "We're not different from each other," he says. "We're all souls, and souls are all connected."

Ok. . . where to start with something like that? I am speechless. I go looking to Dr. Oz for some nutritional information and I get 'God is the steam.' I was bitterly disappointed. Tell me about the dangers of HFC-55 and I am right there with you, Dr. Oz. Tell me how eating whole foods and increasing fiber is good for my body. Remind me that I don't want partially hydrogenated oils in my body. Do the food experiments on the other channels and leave Oprah alone. Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain.... she's ruining you. Run Away!

Oprah had terse comments for those of us who are...shall I say... skeptical... of past life regression... "You don't have to believe it for it to be real." No, but it does have to have some logic and sense about it. Apparently she offered regression hypnosis to her studio audience and some declined because they didn't believe. I hope they declined because they had sense enough to see the lunacy in supporting a system of belief based on the presupposition that any of us lives more than once. The bible says it is appointed to all of us to die once and after that, we face judgment. (Hebrews 9: 27) But then Oprah doesn't believe the bible... not the parts she disagrees with anyway. Why consult the Bible? Apparently God doesn't get to tell us who He is and how we shall live... that's Oprah's job.

I hope any of you who are professing believers who watch this tripe on a daily basis can finally see that Oprah is the leader of the lost. She doesn't have anything to offer believers. Turn to the One who really knows who you are and who really cares for your soul. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else. That's where our hope is found.


jen said...

I feel sorrow for you.

rosemarie said...

jen- Jesus Christ, the God of the universe died in my place and because He did my sins are forgiven. Sorrow for me no more.