01 June 2008

The Fine Art of Procrastination and a 30 Day Experiment

It would be an exaggeration to say that I haven't any discipline. I manage to pay my bills on time. My dog gets his heartworm medicine every month and I am fairly good at turning off lights when I am not using them. OK, that last bit about the lights is a stretch. In fact, my living room lights are on a timer so I don't have to worry about turning them off.

Discipline. I say I want discipline but I keep putting off really working at it. If procrastination could be an Olympic event, I would win gold. No doubt about it. I would like to blame my inability to see a task to completion on my artistic personality, Attention Deficit Disorder or being an absent minded professor type. You know... so busy saving lives and creating formulas that I just can't cope with the mundane chores of life. In fact, my want to is broken for doing just about anything that is good for me. Good for me things cramp my style.

I can sit and do nothing all day long. If I try to sit and read my bible for an hour, my backside aches, my mind wanders and then, without warning, I nod off. Sadly, there is no quicker way to make me fall asleep than to try and read my bible or pray. I would like to believe that Satan is instrumental in this, but I think it's just me. Lazy, undisciplined me.

Starting today I am on a one month campaign to build some godly discipline. For one month I am going to try to focus on developing a prayer journal. I am not setting goals for anything other than writing one sentence each day. A one sentence prayer. That's it. I know there are those Proverbs 31 types who are rolling their eyes at the thought of a one sentence prayer. Now, I may write a whole book of prayers if I feel like it, but feel like it or not I am going to write at least a one sentence prayer each and every day. If you lack discipline as badly as I do, to accomplish this 30 day experiment will be a monumental feat.

So, anyone out there willing to admit that you are an undisciplined sort who is in dire need of change? Anyone care to join me?

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Carla said...

I think it's an excellent idea. If you're going to begin journalling, of any kind, the important part is starting to start, not how much you journal.

Before long, you may just find yourself looking forward to it each day. :-)

And for the record, I'm monumentally undisciplined in a few areas of my own life as well. I don't like it, and it's hard work to break old patterns.