14 June 2008

I am back.... sort of.....

I took my sister to the airport today. She's on her way home via the friendly skies of United. We had a great time but she was anxious to get back to her daughter. I certainly can't blame her for that. My house is empty... unless you count Chet the Wonder Dog, Somalia Celeste and the Fabulous Ms. Thibodeaux. I imagine they are my proof that I am getting old. A house full of animals under 20 pounds. Blue hair is right around the corner.

I am a bit exhausted. Could be the driving, or the sadness or the new puppy crying all night. Or a combination of them all coupled with the natural tendencies of sisters to stay up and chat all night long. I need sleep and lots of it.

I failed in my attempts to bring the gospel to my sister. Instead I found myself slipping into the person I was when we were younger.... my B.C. days. It's amazing how that happens. I had every intention of keeping my routines of prayer and reading my bible... instead I fell back into the patterns of sin from years ago... like a wagon falling into the traces of well worn ruts.

I will have to give that some thought when I am rested.

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