04 June 2008

Sister Sabbatical

My sister is visiting me and she brought me a new puppy. The puppy is a Chihuahua, Bichon Frise and Yorkie Terrier mix. She is too cute and her big brother, Chet the Wonder Dog, doesn't think too much of her at all. Her sister, Somalia Celeste thinks even less. I think they both are hoping my sister will take the puppy back home with her when she returns. I am wondering why I thought it was a good idea to have a puppy. Wait... it wasn't my idea... my oldest girl rescued a dog who didn't have her surgery quite soon enough and .. well.. what do you do when your kidlet sends you a mutt puppy all the way from California? You love it. Her name is The Bodacious Agapanthus Maria Consuella Thibodeaux Jones. Mostly she gets called Thibby (Tibby). She thinks her name is "Bad dog, no no!"

I thought I would have more time to blog. Right now I am enjoying the puppy and my sister's company more than I enjoy sitting at my computer. Today we are making plans to see the Appalachian museum, Artisan Center at Berea, Shaker Village, Cumberland Falls, Fort Boonesboro, Nashville, Graceland, Cincinnati and who knows where else. Eventually I will post pictures. I will return though, Lord willing.

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UpOnTheHill said...

Hey! Saw your comment. Yes, it's been 8 years. Gulp.

Didn't know you had all of this great reading material posted! I will be doing some catch-up reading when my little one is in bed.

Any pictures of Tibby?

Missing you. LYMI