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Laughing at Myself

Boy, was I tired last night. I shouldn't write when I am that tired. I need an editor on my best days and on my worst I need a translator. This morning I woke up and literally stumbled into the kitchen. I started fumbling with the coffee pot almost immediately. I was chanting a mantra; "I necessitate caffeine!" The doggies would have to wait for their morning romp and breakfast.

As I reached to get the coffee filters I knocked over a bottle on my counter. The bottle isn't normally there. I have a disability in my hands and that makes it difficult for me to hold things that are large. I like to buy my olive oil at Costco (because it is cheaper) and then pour manageable amounts from the really big bottle into a quart-sized bottle. I was so tired last night that after refilling the bottle of olive oil, I didn't put it back where it belonged. You guessed it, that's the bottle that I knocked over. The damage was worse than you can imagine as the the bottle shattered and I had olive oil on my counter, floor, cupboard doors and person. Olive oil and little bitty teeny tiny slivers of glass were everywhere.

When you have a disability in your hands you become accustomed to dropping things. This was the worst mini-disaster I have had in a long time. So, groggy and without benefit of caffeine, I started to clean when my dog let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed to let him out. Great. So I hastily threw a big wad of paper towels on the oil and took the dogs outside. Apparently the noise in the kitchen had awakened not only that cat but her curiosity as well. While I was out with the dogs she was in the olive oil.

When I came in with the dogs the puppy, who is young and just starting her training, saw the cat in her reclined position. You know, that odd position cats get into when they are cleaning themselves. She was trying her best to get rid of the olive oil. The puppy saw an opportunity to attack the cat, the cat ran.... or tried to as she had olive oil on her feet. I will leave it to your imagination but the sight was not unlike a Tom and Jerry cartoon as the cat and the puppy did their best to NASCAR around the island in my kitchen. Despite the olive oil on her paws, the cat won.

I decided to try and look at bright side. The puppy got some exercise. It's going to storm here most of the day so I am in favor of anything that will tire her out. The cat will not have hair balls for a while, the oil should help with that and I have a clean floor. With a better attitude about the day, I sat down to do some reading and clicked on my friend Carla's blog. The title of her article is Words ALWAYS Matter and it is worth reading. Carla has a place to the right of her articles that lists the blog articles from people she enjoys reading. Carla is one of my readers. There was a time not too awfully long ago that Carla was my only reader. Anyway, as I was reading Words ALWAYS Matter, I glanced at a title that reminded me of my article.... at least that's what thought. Truth is, it was my article. The title caught my eye because I had just misspelled "complementarianism." I was horrified. I pulled up my blog and started trying to change it. Trying being the key word. My fingers fumbled.... Complmentarianism. Complelmentarianism. Complementalarianism. ACK!

If I was egalitarian at least I could spell it!


Carla said…

Reading your post just now was my first real lol all day. Oh now that was just too funny. I needed that today, so thank you.

By the way, those pesky feed grabbers are a good way to be uber-careful in your spelling, they've nailed me a few times as well, and you just go "ugh, I'm not THAT stupid!" when you see your own misspell. It'a gack, to be sure.

Back to folding laundry for me.
Carla said…
Speaking of misspells...

PFFT. It's been a long day, apparently.

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