20 August 2008

A Psalm 139 Kind of Day

Where can I go from Thy Spirit? Or where can I flee from Thy presence?

Ever have a day where everywhere you turn you are bumping into reminders of God's providence? Of His mercy? His steadfast faithfulness? Ever have a series of events remind you who has paid the mortgage on your soul? Not only that but the circumstances that remind you can hardly be called serendipitous. It's providence and you know it. All the dots connect in a way that can only lead you to shout, "Coincidence, Thy Name is God!"

Yesterday was just such a day for me. Each blog I read, each book I picked up, each chore I attempted, each song I heard on the radio... all of them, the entire lot spoke to my heart in such a way that my soul could not ignore the messages God was sending me. His faithfulness to me is not in any way dependent upon my ability to worship Him properly. There are no contingencies. I can do nothing to provoke a favorable response from God. God will always act in accordance with his character and to achieve his perfect will. I don't get to manipulate or impress Him. I cannot dazzle Him with my obedience nor make Him beholding to me in even the slightest capacity. I may fool many by my actions, appearance and facades, but with insight more keen than any fictitious super hero, God sees me for exactly who I am and knows exactly what I am up to. Yet, in His mercy... he has seen fit to save me.

I haven't always appreciated the reminders of God's omnipotence. I don't remember exactly where and when the reminders changed from antagonizing to encouraging. It's not like bad theology is excised from you in one fell swoop. No, our sanctification is a process and set on a time line known only by our Creator.

I saw this video on Steve Camp's blog. It had a huge impact on me during my Psalm 139 kind of day. Watch it. I hope it does the same for you.

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