31 August 2008

Something to Think About

Suddenly I find myself dripping with sorrow. I feel torrents of grief and despair threatening to break through my pitiful levies of faith. And yet, absolutely nothing is wrong. At first I felt like I was a vector for unpleasantness. Now I feel... unsettled?.... depress....? crazy.....? faithless? Yes, that's it. I feel faithless.

I am reading Thomas Watson's "All Things for Good." Watson is one of my favorite Puritan authors. I read this line this morning and I have been thinking about ever since, "Dejection in the godly arises from a double spring: either because their inward comforts are darkened our their outward comforts are disturbed."

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Grace Baptist Church, Somerset, KY said...

Rosemarie, Watson's "All Things for Good" has long been one of my favorite Puritan tomes. It is convicting and encouraging at the same time. And it has a great exposition on what it means to "love God" from Romans 8:28.

Pastor Bill