24 August 2008

Taking Inventory

Now that I have a job and interact with folks at least 5 days a week, I am noticing things about myself. It's sort of amazing what having to share space and time with people who really don't give a rip about you beyond the courtesies exchanged among employees will show you. It's also enlightening to see how I can care about touching the lives of people I will never see and how some of the folks that call me I don't much care about at all. All based on some gut level reaction that happens over some fiber optic cables.

I am very fortunate that I work with a great group of people. They don't really know me let alone love me, but they tolerate me well enough. There are a few rough spots. I hear the complaints one worker has with another worker and once the person who took me into their confidence goes on to the next cubicle, I know it is something that I have done incorrectly or a question I have asked on a procedure that is being ridiculed. I have also noticed that folks will stop talking bad about a co-worker with you if you don't participate in the belittling gossip. It doesn't take a self-righteous sounding rebuke.

As for me, I have some major character flaws are becoming apparent. That will be the subject of another post. Working for a living is exhausting.

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