19 August 2008

Thoughts on Civil Forum

Thanks to a blog I found, I was finally able to sit and watch the entirety of the Civil Forum held at Saddleback Church. In my previous post titled, "Out of Touch" I questioned who elected Pastor Rick Warren to speak for Evangelicals. Frankly, that opinion hasn't changed. And while I still think his "Purpose Driven" philosophy is entirely too man-centered. I think he did a great job in posing questions to Senators Obama and McCain. (Obama won my coin toss to see whose name would type first this time.)

The questions were indicative of the issues being faced by the general public. Warren posed them fairly and without bias. He is an affable fellow and offers a quick laugh and smile that surely would land him on the top of your list for favorite dinner guests. It did appear that he genuinely likes both the presidential hopefuls, but he seems the sort that appears to genuinely like everyone.

While we are speaking of being genuine, I genuinely hope that Warren will hold similar forums with other candidates over other issues- not because he represents my faith or worldview, but because he did a good job posing decent questions. I learned things about both candidates and having heard their responses am more certain of my vote.

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