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Intelligent Observations.... on Television??

It's been a while since my last article and I am feeling kind of twitchy about a lot of things. I really have missed the opportunity to let the things percolating in my brain have a chance to spill out into my blog and as a result I feel sort of toxic. I mean, I could probably die from holding my opinions in for too long, you know? I considered writing about my recollections of 9/11 and I still may. I also thought I might ease on back into things and then I saw something that caught my attention and I thought, "Oh yeah, that's hitting the blog."

Fair warning, if you are offended by the occasional swear word, don't play the video below. There's nothing worse than what you would find in a PG13 movie or on television. In fact, it is from television. It is Craig Ferguson's monologue from his late night program. And, though I might have left the one or two expletives out knowing that my pastor reads my blog, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Speaking of journalism, though I hardly consider The View a journalistic show, I have been setting my DVR to record the first part of the "Hot Topics" discussion. I did that as soon as the information hit the net about Sarah Palin and her prayer about God's will. What better way to know what liberal woman are thinking? Are you all sitting down? Better strap yourself in for this one, Joy Behar actually said something intelligent regarding Palin's prayer and God's will. She said if it is God's will that we are in a war in Iraq, then things like Katrina and Gustav have to be God's will too if we are going to be consistent in attributing sovereignty to God. She didn't say it exactly like that, but it is a fairly accurate paraphrase. I nearly fell over. The unfortunate part was that she has no idea that she was standing at the cusp of truth, she threw the statement out in an attempt to show how ludicrous thinking being at war could be God's will. See, it's only OK to believe in God's ability to control the universe when He is controlling it in a manner that you would choose. Folks like Behar are perfect candidates to plagiarize Orwell's Animal Farm and attribute the results to God. "Your God can be sovereign as long as His sovereignty correlates with my sense of my fairness. God is sovereign, at times he is just more sovereign than others."

I still have lots to say about the upcoming election and the candidates. Lord willing I will get to it all. Meanwhile, study the diagram of the Preamble and the First Amendment. I want to discuss Palin and Lord willing, I will get to. Meanwhile I have some sleep to catch up on.


Anonymous said…
Your comment: "I really have missed the opportunity to let the things percolating in my brain have a chance to spill out into my blog and as a result I feel sort of toxic. I mean, I could probably die from holding my opinions in for too long, you know?"

My response: "LOL! Oh I can so relate! It does seem toxic at times. Good to see your still alive from it though so you can still share."

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