24 October 2008

The Coveted "Mona" Award

My friend Vicki has what I would call a unique sense of humor. She sent me this pillow saying:

"Just wanted to give you a heads up that I have sent you something. It needs no introduction....I think you will get the drift when you open it. You have earned it...very few people earn these, but you definitely did."

When I wrote her to say thank you and that I laughed my steri-strips off, she responded with:

"You do remember that the ONLY other person to earn THE PILLOW is my mom????? Display it with pride, my dear!!"

Vicki's mom, Mona is almost a bionic wonder. She has endured more surgeries and maladies than anyone I know and keeps right on with life as usual. You can find Mona in the kitchen fixing dinner after shoulder surgery. She's that kind of woman. I am pleased to accept the award so long as I don't have to keep up with your mom, Vicki. She may have 30 or so years on me, but I am no match for her!

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