26 November 2008

Being Grateful

I am grateful for a God who is merciful enough to save a sorry sinner like me. Despite my penchant for making sinful choices, bad attitudes and unkind and harsh thoughts about my fellow travelers, He keeps drawing me and refining me. Had our relationship been left up to me, I would have ditched Him years ago. The shame and guilt for my behavior alone would have been enough to keep me running and hiding from His presence. Instead, He invites me into the Oval Office of the Universe to interrupt Him as he rules over all.

I am grateful for a God honoring, God fearing church family who have demonstrated their love to me in a thousand ways, not the least of which is prayer. I am grateful for a pastor who cuts the Word straight and isn't afraid to confront, correct and encourage.

I am blessed to have my kids, grandson and siblings. We are a motley bunch... we fight regularly and love fiercely, which I think may make us stark raving normal. I have been incredibly blessed with friendships that are long lasting, deep and meaningful.

I have my cyber-siblings who have shared my life from the inside out. Men and woman of faith who have made me laugh, made me cry and encouraged me to build my theology on the truth of what the Word says and not what 'it means to me.'

God has provided well for me. I have a comfortable home with a full refrigerator, air conditioning, heat and plumbing that works. I have medical insurance, so while I was lying in my bed writhing in pain, not knowing that I was on death's door, my decision to go to the doctor was an easy one to make. I didn't have to worry how I would pay for it.

I have a job. I work for a company with integrity. I have two little black dogs who think I am the best thing since basted rawhide. I have the good sense to know the destiny of this nation is not dependent on Barack Obama. I have the ability to make a decision based on facts and not emotion, and I have traveled abroad.

He has given me an incredible life with incredible experiences. I got to play the "Woman from Murray River" and chase kangaroos in the outback while riding hired horses in Australia. I have survived a major flood in which I lost everything I owned except my clothes. I have been through multiple earthquakes and fires. I have lived in wine country. I have helped a father deliver his daughter by coaching him over the phone while his wife gave birth. I know the smell of redwood trees on a foggy summer morning and I have picked wild blackberries until my fingers looked like I spilled ink on them.

I have had the chance to swim in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, not to mention the Coral and Tasman Seas. I have had a black jaguar named "Precious" sit in my lap. I have seen a UFO. Really.

I could go on and on. My gratitude list is as long as my life. I only wish when I suffer those momentary setbacks we all get to go through, that my first thought would be to remember what I have and not what I think I am missing.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will eat turkey and enjoy the company of my family members and I will be receiving pay while I do it. Truly, I am blessed. And you?

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