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The Results

And so.... Obama has been elected. Something I was sure would happen the moment Oprah decided to put her name behind him, not to mention her money and influence. He was not my candidate. Someone asked me if I objected to him because he is black. Not at all. I objected to his politics and his lack of discernment evidenced by his politics and personal history. I couldn't care less that he happens to have more melanin than me.

I have heard some comments that astound me about how electing Obama is a step forward for the United States because of the color of his skin. It infuriates me because it is illogical. How can we be going forward and getting beyond racism when everyone is pointing out the color of the man's skin? Nothing has changed but the geography... it's no longer blacks to the back of the bus, it is blacks can sit wherever as long as you are certain to identify yourself as black and anyone that is not black needs to be certain to notice that you are black. What really chaps my hide is that the very people complaining about racism are the people pointing out what color they are. Look, one look at me and you can tell I am fat but that is a description of my physical body, not who I am. When I see the color of some one's skin, it is a descriptor of their physical body and not the total of who they are. We will know we have gone forward when we no longer care what race a candidate is...we just care about their integrity and their politics.

Now, the other thing that is driving me crazy is all the weird stuff I hear from "Christians" who are unhappy with the outcome of the election. Stuff like they are going to fire their gardener because he claims to be a Christian and yet supported Obama. Look, if the gardener does a good job, why would you fire him? The outcome of this election was in the hands of God. I say put your big-girl-panties on and act like a believer yourself.

Finally, for everyone that is afraid the country is headed to hell in a hand basket, do what McCain advocates and get involved. Volunteer somewhere, give a hand to someone, tutor kids, teach an adult to read... do something and start putting your actions where your complaining is. Watch this video and see if it doesn't change your perspective on the state of the things. If we Christians cannot bring ourselves to pray for our president, despite his or her politics then we are not doing what our God commanded. Yes, I am disappointed in the outcome of the election, but it was a democratic election. God is still in his heaven doing as he pleases, Psalm 115:3. Do what you can biblically to change things and trust in God, not Obama or whoever follows him.


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