02 April 2009

Silly Thoughts

Is it really just a coincidence when on a random day like today the majority of people calling your place of work are grumpy or downright hateful? I conferred with two coworkers today about the types of calls and callers we received and we all agree that something was just plain wrong with most of the folks we talked to. The question remains, how do you account for that phenomenon? If it was only my impression I would think my opinion was being skewed by my own grumpiness. A random sampling says it's not me though. Besides, I am in a perfectly lovely mood.

If I were Frank Peretti I would blame it on demons. If I were a math nerd I would calculate the statistical probabilities. If I were paranoid I would think that every person with a bad attitude was given my extension by some malevolent person or being. Truly, I do not have a clue how to rationalize days where people seem to be crazy. Besides, it seems sorta silly to rationalize craziness. There are a lot of things that seem silly to me.

Imagine God not being sovereign. He would be in charge of everything, listening to the complaints and requests of all the people in the world and only able to act if they cooperated with Him. All the responsibility and only occasional power surges as allowed by the will of His created beings. Ha! And I think I have it rough on a day like today with the few nutcases I talked to, imagine having all that at once.

Ah well.... enough random thoughts from the edge.

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