23 May 2009

A Woman I Don't Know Changed My Life Tonight

Sometimes God uses people you don't know to tell you things you need to know or you already know but you've forgotten to act upon. Today in a the chat channel I frequent, someone I love and trust put a link to a website up and said, "If you have not watched or listened to this, you must." He was so right. I hope that you will grab some tissues and sit and watch this video. I hope you will let this woman change your life, your priorities, and your relationship with God.

Rachel Barkey is the type of woman I would like to be, but pray I will never have to become. My faithless, cowardly heart begs to be given an easier path. God has used her life to show me the shallowness in mine and to encourage me that it does not have to be this way. What a testimony of Christ in her life!

1 comment:

LISARIE said...

Thank you for this video. It was life changing. Love U Much!!!