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An Open Letter to Aaron Sorkin

Mr. Sorkin,

Please. Return to writing television programs. I am stuck at home with an injured neck and back and my activity level has been severely limited. I find myself sitting on my couch watching entirely too much television. Bad television. The highlight of my day? Watching reruns of The West Wing on Bravo. I need you to return to writing programs where the viewer is required a modicum of intelligence. I am on prescribed medications that render me sleepy and unable to operate heavy machinery, not stupid. Rescue me. Please.

I repent for all the times I referred to West Wing as "The Left Wing." I apologize for every time I groaned at hearing the same lines in The West Wing that were used in the movie, The American President. I am truly sorry for using your name in vain when Studio 60 was canceled. It was a knee jerk reaction and not your fault. I know that now. However, as much as I regret my prior behavior, it is only fair to warn you that I cannot be placated with suggestions to watch A Few Good Men and Charlie Wilson's War. Been there, done that-multiple times already. I need new mind candy. You are for me what more cowbell is for Walken. I have a bad back and the only cure is more Sorkin.

This is my first post in quite some time. I know all three of the people who read my blog are going to be highly suspect of me and may never read another thing I write. They may even question my salvation. It is well known, after all, that you are a (gulp) Democrat. I don't care. Desperate times call for desperate measures and so I am willing to beg you, even at considerable risk to my reputation as my pastor reads my blog! It is a chance I am willing to take after making a few things clear. No, I do not agree with your politics. I am not ready to join the Dark Side also known as the Democratic Party. I am still a bible believing, pro-life, complimentarian Republican woman. I am merely saying that some decently written entertainment would be a nice change from the mess that's offered on the idiot box these days, even when I disagree with the writer's presuppositions and conclusions. I am begging you, Aaron Sorkin, write something for television!

Respectfully yours until the drug induced haze lifts and I am able to read books again,
Rambling Rosemarie


Well, at least I am happy to see you "blogging" again!! I hope you get better soon . . . we miss you at Grace Baptist Church!!

Pastor Bill
Hobster said…
Rozie--you failed to mention Sorkin's first series, Sports Night. I know you're not a sports fan--doesn't matter. Trust me on this one. A lot of it is proto-West Wing...

Oh, btw, he is working on something...haven't heard about any particular network looking at it yet, but he is (last I heard) on to something new
Carla said…
Pfft, I knew more than 3 people read your blog. Even if one of us is backlogged in blog reading.
{{{ rozie }}}

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