28 December 2009

When the Cat Steals Your Joy

This year instead of my 7' Christmas tree, I had a this little Christmas Shrubbery. You see, I have a cat and being a cat she does all things cat-like. Well, almost all things. The next time she sits up and begs with my two little doggies, I hope to take a picture of it. No self-respecting cat begs and so having a picture of her sitting on her haunches looking for all the world like a doggie begging for food has got to carry some blackmailing power with it. Anyway, when you are a cat a 7' Christmas tree comes with the unbearable need to climb. Fragments of once shiny ornaments were scattered about my house like so much confetti at Times Square on New Year's Eve. So this year I foiled her with the shrubbery. Or so I thought.

Remember in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail when the knights had the bright idea of making the giant rabbit and getting inside only they forgot to get inside? Well I had the bright idea a small shrubbery wouldn't be attractive to the cat. After all what is a mere 4' shrub compared to a 7' blue spruce? How was I to know a 4' shrub brings with it other irresistible temptations, especially when there are shiny pretty things on it that are much closer and seem far easier to dominate!

So when you wake up from your nap to the sound of things crashing and the Christmas Shrubbery that looked like the one above now looks like the one below.... and the "joy" ornament that was visible at the top of the first photo is now conspicuous by its absence... you just got to laugh and remember that it could be worse. Faith and Peace could be gone too. Oh I know, you can't see them in the picture....one was under the table and the other was in the doggies' bed. That's right, Mali has no scruples. She tried to frame the dogs.

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