23 March 2010

Things I Wish I Could Write-

Today I had the opportunity to attend a community bible study for women in which my pastor was offered as the sacrificial speaker. The study is on egalitarian vs complementarian positions. Imagine being the only man in room full of women and discussing with them the following bible passages: 1 Corinthians 11:1-12; and 1Timothy 5:9-15. Seriously, the man is fearless and he cuts the Word straight. I was going to more write about my pastor and his nerves of steel after listening to The Dividing Line, but I started surfing the net first and I followed a link posted by a friend on Face Book.

Every now and again someone writes what I wish I could write. They just sit down and relate the facts, their experience and they make sense. The article is written by Star Parker, someone I was not familiar with at all. I am so glad I followed the link. If you read the comments some folks are trying to make Ms. Parker's article seem to be a lament one more way Black Americans are discriminated against. I may be off the mark but I think what she was warning us about transcends racial barriers and she has used Black America as an example. Too bad they weren't listening to her on the Hill.

I've not read anything else she's written but it seems Ms. Parker was sounding the warning to us all on the dangers of socialism and what we all can expect if we continue to be led by a president with a socialist agenda. I hate that this can and will be reduced by some to a racial issue. Black Americans are not the only slaves trying to stay on Uncle Sam's Plantation. Poverty is an equal opportunity hobbler. Even with the best of intentions, these programs run by the government fail and the people who use them know it better than anyone. It's just easier to take the hand out while complaining about how it was provided than to work your way out of the system.

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