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With Gratitude to God for Men Who Protect - Confessions of a Reformed Feminist

My neck and back pain have returned me to a physical therapist. If you've ever had an injury you know that physical therapy can leave you feeling like you've been hit by a fast moving truck. It gets better but you've got to work the injured part of your body the right way to help it heal from using it the wrong way. Last night I was not only sore but exceptionally tired. I almost went to bed without checking my email. Email, FB and text messaging are the ways I keep in contact with my kids who are 2400 miles away. My cell phone doesn't get good reception in my home so my kidlets use FB and email mostly.

As I blundered down the hallway I decided to take a quick look at my inbox. I am glad I did. My youngest had used her phone to text a message to me on FB. When I read it I was terrified. It seems she was headed to the library near the new city hall - which is in a bad part of her town. She doesn't drive so she was walking and near the city run park which has a baseball field on one side and basketball courts around the corner on the other side. As she was cutting through the parking lot and older man in a vehicle came driving up to her, rolled down his window and mumbled something. She thought he was asking for directions. She took a step closer to him- but thankfully remembered her training from her childhood and stayed well out of 'striking range.'

The man asked her, 'do you date?' and my kidlet (who is short, petite and could be mistaken for a child but is 26) says, 'NO!' With that she started looking for other people...but there were none around that she could see.... the man then starts getting out of his vehicle, "You SURE?" To which she says, "NO! I am a mom and have a boyfriend, get away from me!" The man kept coming toward her as she was backing away so she started screaming at the top of her lungs. Thankfully, there was a man with his family at the basketball courts. They heard her scream and the man came running my kidlet's defense. The creepy perv saw the guy running up, got in his vehicle and sped off. The hero continued chasing him on foot but of course couldn't catch him. The man who rescued her said the pervert has been there before looking for young girls. Apparently our hero frequents the park with wife and kids and said he has run the older man off more than once.

I am hugely grateful to my God for my kidlet's safety. I wish I could personally thank the man who did what men should do, protect women and children from bad things and bad men. I am also appreciative that this incident came on the heels of studying biblical manhood and womanhood. Don't get me wrong, I would be grateful to anyone for protecting my beloved kidlet and the mother of my ridiculously cute grandson. It's just that regular guys get so few opportunities to be leaders, protectors and everyday heroes to damsels in distress these days and when they do have the chance there's always some feminist there to bash them for doing it.

There was a time when I was a feminist to the nth degree. I saw men who tried to be chivalrous as chauvinists. I am so grateful that I see things differently now. I suppose there is an additional bit of irony in that the perpetrator in this story was an older man who happens to be white and the hero was a young man who happens to be black. I couldn't care less what color these guys were, one meant my beloved kidlet harm and the other acted like a real man and said, "Not while I am here!"


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