22 June 2010

Learning From Students

Occasionally I stumble across a blog written by someone I don't know but wish I could sit down with them over a cup of coffee and just chat. There's a certain honesty to what they write and it comes through in a way that it highlights what I imagine are the best things about them. Things I wish were part of my character. That happened for me today when I came across portrait of a magnificent obsession.

After working at a Christian university for several years, I have to admit that I am tenderhearted for college students. They rock my world. This young woman has reminded me why I like them so much. They have reached adulthood but haven't yet lost their wonder. They have passionate opinions and haven't yet learned the social constraints that make everything happen with restraint and decorum. They are still willing to learn. They are, for the most part, still teachable.

Reading this young woman's blog was encouraging to me. It has reminded me of the wonder I once knew- it has helped me remember the joy of my salvation. I am always amazed at how God will use folks who may be less educated than I am and who may hold drastically different doctrinal positions than mine, to humble me. Humble and remind me that they've got something more right than I do... their exuberant, unashamed, unpretentious love of their Lord. I have always learned more from college students than they have ever learned from me.

Thanks, faith_to_move!


faith_to_move said...

Your blog makes all the criticism and hate from today worth while.
It's truly amazing how God works things out isn't it? How He has set up fellowship in such a way amongst believers so that we can be here for each other...it is just phenomenal.
I think the world in general is forgetting how to approach the throne of God with a spirit of Humility. When we realize that is what God loves to see in us, then we also realize that He is the Master Teacher and knows EVERYTHING, which shows us that our study of theology will never teach us the entire scope of the character and nature of God, but it is a blessing of grace and mercy each day to recieve just a glimpse of who He is.

carawayboy4ever said...

Hello rosemarie,
I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement in your comment on faith_to_move's blog today. She is a very close personal friend of mine, and your encouragement and kind words really meant a lot to us both. Have a blessed day!

Soli Deo Gloria,
Your Servant in Christ Jesus

C.L. Bolt said...

carawayboy4ever is your pic at Camp Hideaway?

P.S. Rosemarie is a very wise woman.

rosemarie said...

faith_to_move and carawayboy4ever-

I am glad you stopped by and hope you will come by again. Isn't it amazing that the God of the Universe wants us to know Him? That he gives us his Spirit to enable us to comprehend all He has given us is too lofty to consider...but it's true! (1Cor 2:10-12)

There is always a careful balance to walk when it comes to doctrine. There is one truth. There is one gospel which saves. There are things to die over and things which are adiaphora. I am just glad that He is responsible for my sanctification and that He doesn't do it all at once. Who could bear that intense and magnificent a change done instantly?

The study of theology is worth the effort. Paul reminded Timothy that the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sound faith. (1 Tim 1:5) We all need reminding to keep in the game, be willing to be wrong in our assumptions and embrace conviction as the gift it is.

You two have been a blessing, thanks!

carawayboy4ever said...

C.L. Bolt:
No, it's actually from Camp Caraway, a Christian Boy's camp in Sophia, NC (it's right beside Asheboro, NC). I worked there as a Cabin Assistant in the summers of 2006 and 2008. It's an awesome place and was the place where I first surrendered my life to the LORD in 2000 and then accepted His Call to the Ministry in 2006.

rosemarie: Thanks again! :)