28 August 2010

Invest in Vests for Life

I have told you all before that I am retired from working in public safety/law enforcement. I had it easy. I didn't have to strap on a gun and go deal with the public. That doesn't mean I don't know how dangerous the job is, on the contrary, my training was to help keep officers safe by dispatching them the resources they needed to do the job.

Old habits die hard. I am writing this to try and help provide some essential resources to law enforcement men and women across the United States. A ministry that I have recently become aware of for their counseling resources, 10-4 Ministries, also have a project they call the "Armor of God." In it they take used ballistic vests that are donated to them and they donate them to law enforcement personnel that do not have them. You can find more information at Vests for Life.

Listen, I know my friends from law enforcement/public safety aren't all Christians. I wont pretend I wouldn't like to proselytize you all. This isn't about that. It's about knowing you all have connections to folks who have used vests if you don't have one or two hanging out in your closets and lockers now. It's about knowing that my readers have connections to people who work in public/safety and law enforcement. The folks at 10-4 are doing a great thing here. I want to help them and help the folks doing the hard work without the proper protection. So send them your old vest or lobby your department to send theirs.

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