26 August 2010

Making Hope a Safe Haven

Recently I had the privilege of giving some seminars to the women in our community bible study. The topics were the biblical concepts of fear, hope and peace. Of the three, hope is the one I dreaded giving the most. Hope had been something I despised.

Our God is a very clever and economical God, it's the natural outcome of His sovereignty. When I met with the leaders of the bible study, I was the one that suggested hope as a topic. I could scarcely believe that the idea came from flying from my lips because I was really repelled by it. Of course, it was exactly the topic I needed to study and one of the top areas of my life that needed repentance and reformation.

My friend Carla Rolfe had helped me by making some gorgeous PowerPoint slides to go along with my presentation. Carla is extremely creative and you should really check out her stuff. Well, you know the old saying; "No good deed goes unpunished." As Carla's reward for helping me I let her listen to the recordings of the seminars. I wouldn't have subjected her them if my pastor hadn't approved them first. Carla has suggested that I make them available for other women here on my blog.

I am going to be honest and tell you I do this with great fear and trepidation, not because I fear what you will think of my delivery or speaking abilities but because when you tread in matters of the soul, you tread on holy ground. Selfishly, I like to have life on life contact with the woman I teach because I always learn more from them than they learn from me. That said, I trust my pastor and I trust Carla. Here is a link to my seminar on hope. My prayer is that if you struggle with hoping like I used to, you will find that biblical hope is a safe haven to rest your heart.

Psalm 31:24
24 Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD.


Carla said...

(((((( you ))))))

Victoria Lynch said...

It has been a real treat listening to this. I hope your readers take advantage of the link that you have provided. It will, no doubt, be an encouragement to them as it has to me.