21 October 2010

There Are No Unalienable Rights in Hell

I am so done with people feigning offense, trying to step on guilt glands or reacting with knee jerk responses to perceived political incorrectness I could scream. I know that conflicting opinions are difficult. When people champion causes that I think are inane, I try to lay out a reason for my opinion, respectfully. I try to listen to their arguments. Really listen, not just look for flaws. I am not always successful. Sometimes the fact that I think the person holding a different worldview is a booger-picking moron is obvious and that is to my shame. Occasionally unedifying and unsanctified thoughts actually give way to spoken words that slide off my tongue like they are rocket launched stupid-seeking missiles. I am not proud of myself when that happens. It's sinful.

Today I read that Juan Williams, a commentator, was fired by NPR
. His offense? Admitting that he fears being on a plane with people who identify themselves first and foremost as Muslims. Is it chilly in hell? It must be. It must be frozen solid. How else can I account for such behavior on the part of those running NPR? Was he advocating that we all refuse to fly if there is a Muslim on the plane? No. Was he championing that we should all feel that way? No. He was admitting his first thoughts, being vulnerable about his fears. Little did he know that being honest was not what National Public Radio wants from their commentators. Instead, let's all lie to make friends and keep from offending people, especially the people group of the hour. Currently the spotlight is on Muslims and Homosexuals so no matter what your intent, do not even appear to disagree publicly with either group for any reason. Tolerance is only intended for those who lobby hardest about their perceived rights being violated.

NEWSFLASH! There is no constitutional right to be unoffended. Hey, if I didn't have to tolerate the people who have offended me, I would have voted most folks off my planet a long time ago. What's that you say? It's not my planet? It's as much mine as it is yours. Truth of the matter is we're all just passing through on the way to our eternal destinations. Opposing someone's worldview does not give me the right to treat them in an ungodly or hateful manner, but make no mistake, there are lots of worldviews I oppose because they are in opposition to God. Calling me intolerant doesn't hurt my feelings. My conscience dictates that I tell you why I am intolerant; because I fear for the disposition of the souls of unrepentant sinners. What sort of monster would I be to remain quiet? Think that people here are intolerant? People are of little consequence. Don't fear man fear God. God will not tolerate sin of any kind-period- end of story. Want to delude yourself into believing you have the right to call the shots here? Then eat, drink and be merry because this fly speck on the time-line of eternity is all you have. There are no unalienable rights in hell.

Matthew 10:28
28 "And do not fear those who kill the body, but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Ecclesiastes 11:9
9 Rejoice, young man, during your childhood, and let your heart be pleasant during the days of young manhood. And follow the impulses of your heart and the desires of your eyes. Yet know that God will bring you to judgment for all these things.

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