21 April 2011

40 Day 40 Minute Challenge Days 8-9 Failing Forward.... Still

I won't even pretend that I tried to keep my challenge to myself yesterday. I thought about sleep all day long. I am still sleepy.

Today I was headed out the door to run some errands and I heard that pesky voice of my inner monologue asking if my errands were of more import than sitting with the Lord. Even I couldn't answer yes to that one. I put down the list of things I need to do, picked up my bible and sat down at the kitchen table. Today I read Psalm 119. The thing that struck me is how often the psalmist begs God to keep him on the right path. Maybe I need to beseech more and blog less in order to get this discipline I seek. Lord knows trying to do both would be like me trying to walk and chew gum.

Still working on it, that's the important part. Usually two failures would mean I quit. Heck, one failure is enough to facilitate my giving up.

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