25 April 2011

Question (s) of the Day

Is the need for affirmation really a need? Is it a sinful desire to want affirmation? What kind of affirmation is good and what kind of affirmation is sinful? Paul seemed to affirm the actions of some of the folks in the churches he wrote, while not mincing words when confrontation was in order. Do we need the occasional atta'boy or atta' girl to keep us motivated to do right?

Does the need increase or decrease as one grows older? Where should single people find words of affirmation? In Scripture alone? Does or should the gift of encouragement include giving words of affirmation to people not likely to receive them anywhere else?

Does anyone even give rip? Just asking.

1 comment:

jen said...

I guess I never really thought about it from a biblical prospective, sad enough to say. I would lean to say that the gift of encouragement would and should include words of affirmation to those deserving of it, but I don't have a proof text to back that up. This is a new thought provoking concept...