30 May 2011


I am so frustrated today I can't keep the tears from spilling down my cheek. I am tired. I need a B-12 shot and time out. I need someone to hear the list of things that are wrong in my life. I need some people to take responsibility for pushing me to the edge and then I'll take responsibility for jumping. Is there a conspiracy somewhere? Did God orchestrate a continuous flash mob of stupid people making inane choices all synchronized to impact my little world. Yes, of course He did. Now what?

Jesus, take the wheel and whatever else you see fit then poke me with a fork. I am done.


Victoria said...

Throwing hugs and prayers your way sister!

DrOakley said...

I'm sorry, Nonna. Wish I could do something for you. If you come in channel I will...roll your wheel chair down a hill or something for you, just to cheer you up. :-)