18 June 2011

Pearls of Wisdom from the OFH

Today we are having a lovely garden variety thunder storm. No warnings for impending danger, just the occasional flash of light and grumble that follows. Grumbles that are audible but not deafening, as if the light is hurting the cosmos or keeping it from sleeping. It's lovely. I like the way it feels and smells. Outside my office from hell, (know from this point on as OFH) there are an array of oriental lilies blooming. The gray clouds and the glistening raindrops make them look fake. Sort of like wannabe bawdy hookers. You know, like Dolly Parton. Not quite respectable but not quite plastic. Their fragrance is lovely though and once the rain has passed I think they will look like proper ladies again.

In other news, I plan to do some more work in the OFH. I am happy to report that 6 of eight of the packages I sent the other day have been accounted for and the two outstanding ones are set to be delivered on Monday. The two that were most important to me are accounted for and that makes me happy. I am happier still to report that my oldest girl has contacted her sister. It's the first proof of life I have had in a month. To my understanding she is living in Mexico and working in the US. She hasn't talked to me in a long time. She's 30 and has her own life and doesn't need me to be a part of it and I can cope with that, I just can't cope with not knowing if she is alive or dead. A dear friend of mine prayed that I would hear from or about her and the next day I was told she contacted her sister.

God's timing is perfect and He seems to answer David's prayers. I have asked him to pray that I will win the lottery and if I win big I promise to pay my mortgage and his. His response? Didn't I just win big when I heard my oldest kidlet was heard from? Yeah, David is one of those clear thinking, solid believers. What was I thinking when I adopted him? Oh yeah, that I needed someone to take care of me when I am older and crazier. Apparently I made an excellent choice, except that he wont leave his family and fly from CA to KY to paint my house for me, he's nearly perfect. Well, as perfect as a Canadian who grew up in the jungles of Ecuador and loathes painting can be.

So that's it for today. I am actually feeling a bit more human. I have succumbed to taking some antibiotics, something I hate to do because they wreck my intestinal balance of flora, which with whatever I have going on in my body starts a chain reaction of unpleasant events. It seems along the way I was having a bout of diverticulitis and Cipro is the best friend of folks with diverticular disease. Now I wish I had given up and taken the drugs earlier. It's nice to have that bit of discomfort gone. It seems with me it is always something. I guess that's true for everyone.

My pearl of wisdom for folks today: You can eat a high fiber diet; get plenty of sleep; use the correct SPF sunscreen and you'll still have to worry about the disposition of your immortal soul. Get the last one right and the rest will work itself out.

Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom

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Victoria said...

HUGS ROSIE!!!! I love it when you make me laugh. :-)