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Confessions of an Unsubversive Blogger

Imagine my surprise to yesterday to find out that my blog had been removed. It was gone as in ceased to be. Like the proverbial parrot in the Monty Python skit, it was no longer with us. At first I was certain that I had been the victim of a prank, next that the senility I fear had, in fact, descended upon me before I hit the double nickles, which is way too soon even with my bad genetic history. I tried to follow all the directions that were on my dashboard, and ended up frustrated. There was some nonsense about not having signed into my account since 2007. Uh... I posted something the day before they deleted me. Next I was given some spammer and or purveyor of porn excuse. Uh, not unless I was hacked. Was I a hate monger? Did I wantonly violate copyright law? Not in this lifetime. At the urging of a friend and real blogger, I appealed to the blogspot gods , asking them nicely to return my blog and they did. All hail the blogspot gods! While I worship only the One True and Living God, I do appreciate the return of my "baby."

During my unplanned hiatus, I had to reconciled myself to let the people with real voices have the speck of cyberspace that my blog occupies. If a blogger blogs and there are only a handful of people who read it, can't the same bit of communication be accomplished in an email to them? I pondered why I write and have come to the conclusion that I write to 'hear' myself think. I write because I am a storyteller. Though please don't be confused with the euphemistic use for the word instead of saying liar. Though I have been known to embellish a little, I am generally bound to tell the truth here albeit with my tongue often glued to my cheek.

I am happy to be back. Next time they take me out, I hope it is for something I write that generates so many readers that they consider me a subversive of some sort. Perhaps I should be more forthcoming with my opinions. I have them, you know, lots of them! They are about as popular as a parent at a high schooler's after prom party. I promise to share them with you more frequently.... even if it ires the blogspot gods.


Victoria said…
Welcome back-and a big LOL!!!

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